9 things to look for in school uniforms

9 things to look for in school uniforms


Schools need to design a perfect uniform that resembles their uniqueness. With other factors like quality education, importance to art and culture, sports and academic excellence, designingstudent uniforms is important too.

Most of the parents hardly care about the uniforms provided by schools. It is the school’s duty to care for students which is why here are 9 things to look for in when designing school uniforms.

Color code:

The color code of your school’s uniform must be unique. It should not match any other school’s color code in order to distinguish between. When students participate in competitions, events, and similar occasions where they are in uniform, they represent your school. This ultimately leads to easy identification and branding. Uniformwaleysallows you to customize school uniforms according to your school’s theme, color code, logo, and other factors.



When you choose a vendor on Uniformwaley, you will receive a catalog of dresses from which you can choose the color code and give importance to fitment factor. When we talk about fitting, we mean to say that the school uniforms must fit every student perfectly. Being comfortable is the utmost crucial part because continuing in classes for more than 6 hours should be encouraging for all the students. For girls, if you are choosing skirts then they must be long, medium fitting, and thick clothing. For boys when choosing pants, they must be long, loose-fitting, and thick clothing.


Belts, ties, and other accessories:

 Bottoms’ belts are usually given to boys. If girls’ uniforms include pants, skirts, and divider bottoms, then belts are necessary. Many schools that provide one piece for girls include belts.
For blazers, suits, coats, etc.providing a tie can complete the uniform. In this case, both boys and girls should wear ties on neck.

Fabric Quality:

Most of the schools go for cottonblendedwithpolyesterfabric which is ideal for durability. However, polyester is, at the end a plastic which is environmentally harmful as well as sweat resistant. For students, it is suggested to go for the Cotton fabric alone. This allows seat absorption and thus keeps children safe from rashes, allergies, skin diseases, etc. The fabric quality matters because students are carefree and parents ask for durable uniforms. The best way to ensure you meet both the needs, you need to choose high-quality fabrics that keep students comfortable, safe, and parents satisfied.

Hair accessories:

Girls’ hair accessories are an important part. To ensure girls learn with concentration, you will need to set some rules and obligate hair accessories. Many schools make it mandatory for girls to make hair braids, knots and put hair belts. You can choose hair accessories like hair belts, tying bands, etc.Shoes or footwear:

The ideology behind providing shoes for studentsis to protect their feet. Usually, boys’ shoes come with full coverage while girls are given half coverage footwear. Make sure you choose good footwear for students because feet must stay comfortable as well as protected, all the time.

Socks or tights:

 Most of the schools go for socks and shoes instead of tights and footwear. Choosing the socks of color code same as the uniform code will again demonstrate branding and identification of your school which is why choosing socks color is vital.

Weather adaptability:

 In total 13 school years, weather conditions change every 4 months every year, which makes it important for schools to provide weather adaptable uniforms. Uniforms must not feel uncomfortable in any season at any cost. In order to achieve weather goals, you can choose medium to lightweight fabrics, 3/4th sleeves, shorts for boys until 7th standard, skirts for girls, etc. For summers you will need to compromise on Blazers’ part while in winters they are just perfect. If you choose a non-blazer uniform, you can simply provide sweaters for students according to your color code, school’s theme, and uniform type.

Easy to care:

Every parent in the world loves to see their children go to schools and get an education. It is not difficult to care for uniforms of your children but then as a platform of vendors and also the customers, we suggest every school to focus on this point. Choose a high-quality fabric, absolute color dyes, minimal accessories, and just perfect uniform for students that are easy to care.Caring Tips for School Uniforms (link the previous blog)

Vendor experience and reputation:

Even if your school is new and you are designing new uniforms, your vendor can always help you design them. But for this, he needs to be reputed, experienced, and also quick. You will find a list of vendors to choose from, here.


Uniformwaley provides wholesale vendors that take bulk orders for schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, studios, and for all the learning outlets.